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Alulux™ Rollshutters – “Made in Germany. Quality born of passion”

Roll Shutters and Energy Savings

For both commercial and residential application, front-mounted roller shutters are fast becoming popular in today’s world of rising heating and air-conditioning costs. Considering what they accomplish, this is not surprising! Rollshutters provide a two-way thermal barrier for your windows and doors to shield out the heat and cold.


With rollshutters, thermal insulation in winter is improved by up to 25%. Solar radiation is almost completely eliminated.


Another unique feature of roll shutters is the vented position. When the rollshutter is in this position it provides built-in ventilation; you can control sunlight and air circulation throughout your house.

roll shutters on window

Roll Shutters and Security

Rollshutters provide an effective deterrent to unwanted intruders. Studies show that most burgulars will pass by homes or businesses that have physical deterrents such as rollshutters. They are perfect for any home or business that is left unoccupied for periods of time or for people that like to travel- again leaving your home empty.
Front-mounted roller shutters not only offer effective protection against summer heat and improve your indoor climate—they are also distinguished by many other features and benefits.


  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Sun protection
  • Weather protection
  • Noise protection
  • Cold insulation
  • Increased protection against break-in
  • Regulation of light conditions
  • Protection against insects


Whether for new buildings and homes, or for refitting existing ones, there is simply nothing comparable in the marketplace that can offer the same number of benefits.
Furthering the appeal, the time and effort required for installing roller shutters is remarkably low. As for build-quality and design aesthetics, it gets no better than the time-honoured craftsmanship and sleek design Alulux™ Rollshutters are well recognized for.


Each rollshutter is custom built to your specific requirements. Available in seven standard colors White, Grey, Cream, Beige, Brown, Silver and Woodgrain, you are sure to find a color that compliments your home or business.


To build the best roller shutter you need to begin with the best components utilizing made in Germany housing boxes and curtain slats. They have an exterior grade baked enamel finish, enhancing both visual dynamics and durability. These Alulux components—bearings, axles, and endplates provide a total system.


There are a number of ways to operate the Alulux roll shutter. From a manual tape or hand crank operation to a motorized system from SOMFY.


The motorized system allows you to have the convenience of being able to operate it with a wall switch or remote control. All SOMFY motors come with a full five (5) year warranty.

If you are looking for a rollshutter for you home, cabin or for your business give Okanagan Screens a call and let our expertise go to work for you.