SunProject® Rollershades

SunProject™ is a brand name most recognized for its reliability and distinctive, elegant design. Our systems provide a complete program: solar shading systems, room darkening shades for increased privacy and systems for blackout conditions to accommodate audio-visual presentations. We serve both the commercial and residential market and our product range includes roller shades, vertical blinds, sliding panel systems and Alumatek® shutters. We also offer customized solutions for special or unique applications including skylights.


SunProject™ provides three different models of interior roller shades – Moduline®, Deko® and Tekno®. Each group addresses a broad range of applications with new levels of sophistication and versatility.


Our technically advanced shading system is recognized as the industry benchmark for quality and performance shading systems. The options include a variety of European designed systems. These options include system fascias or enclosed cassettes, side channels, tandem shades (multi banded).

SunProject’s quality hardware, such as the patented and effortless Lite-Lift®mechanism, advanced motorized technology and automated controls and systems are the reasons why many architects and designers specify SunProject™ Shading Systems.

Interior Rollershades



A state of the art roller shading system is available in different control options, these include the Lite-Lift®, crank, and Elektra motorized option. It is available in a comprehensive range of shading options and innovative design solutions. Tekno® comes with an architectural-designed HP bracket system for a contemporary appearance and the slimmest of all cassettes at 70mm. Tekno® also offers a complete line of side channels to suit different applications, such as room darkening or for increased solar control solutions. Although designed for interior use, the versatility of the Tekno® system accommodates exterior applications.



A contemporary roller shade system designed for residential and commercial use where a slim profile is required. It is available in an open roll or in a sleek slim line 73mm European designed cassette. The cassette is offered in square or curved profile.

Deko®’s design adds sophistication and a decorative appeal to any environment. Control options include the Lite-Lift® lifting mechanism and a variety of motorized Elektra options such as battery, low voltage and radio controlled motors all of which can be easily integrated into any home automation system.



Moduline® is a durable, versatile system, designed for the Commercial market, but it fits some residential applications. It is available as an open roll or fascia and can accommodate single or tandem shades, where one control operates multiple shade bands in unison. This System can adapt to a variety of side channels for room darkening capabilities; it is available in three different bracket sizes that accommodate small to large shades. Control options include the Lite-Lift® operating mechanism and motorized Elektra version. Moduline® is a modular component system, which allows for easy on site adjustments or can be delivered as an assembled unit by integrating a shade holder for easy installation. The shade holder also acts as a back fascia.

Controls Overview

Quality, service and support

At Altex, we not only offer best-in-class, high performance products and solutions, we also provide excellent customer service and technical support. Manual, motorized, automated and integrated controls systems are a vital component of our service. Choosing the right control solution can be very complex as there could be many conflicting variables within your project to consider: the size, location and number of glazed surfaces and their orientation as well as the purposing of the building, the number of separate zones within the structure, its latitudinal location, its daily regime, etc.

Commercial controls and integration support

We work with architects, designers, engineers and lighting consultants to create the perfect standalone or integrated system. In order to ensure top quality service and customer satisfaction, we developed external partnerships with the lighting control, building management and curtain wall sectors.

We use a Building Envelope Control System called “Animeo” which offers the ability to centrally monitor and control all motorized applications (e.g. interior/exterior roller shading systems, venetian blinds and louver systems) on all building facades via a combination of timers, sun and wind tracking devices and weather sensors.

The system is easily integrated with other building automation systems (e.g. Johnson, Siemens, Honeywell) and manual override is possible with remote control wall switches or hand-held transmitter units.


Altex has an exclusive and comprehensive range of high performance shading fabrics that not only achieve high thermal protection against heat but enhance visual comfort and are aesthetically pleasing. All our shading fabrics are designed thin and light weight with a wide colour range, outstanding durability and excellent stability. Altex has developed a new lineEcoScreen® fabrics a PVC free, recyclable Sunscreen fabrics that harmonizes respect for the environment and the individual. EcoScreen® fabrics are available in a variety of densities including 8500P a special Privacy Weave which lets natural light into your environment while providing privacy, and the 8400M a high performance metalized reflective backing which acts as a heat shield in reducing solar heat gain.

These Eco friendly sustainable fabrics are specially designed to provide better view through the fabric but provide optimum solar protection.

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