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Solar Screens

abc Sun Control™ Solar Shading Design Perfection



“The finest zipper system in the world!”
Keep the sun and its warmth outside the room. Both wind resistant and insect-proof, Secure Zip™ solar shades boast vertical shading solutions that are unique in the industry. An innovative and refined track design keeps the fabric always in perfect position.


Choose from either ‘screen’ fabric or ‘blackout’ fabric. These ‘Zipper System’ solar shades readily install on any window or façade.


SecureZip™ has been skilfully designed and engineered by the European Bruster Company which has incorporated many refinements from the original zipper systems to produce what we believe is the finest zipper shading system in the world.


The SecureZip™ system features 2-piece extruded aluminum box and tracks. All hardware is protected by a rugged powder-coated finish. The low-profile 4 ¼” box protects the fabric when it is not deployed. System aesthetics are impressive, offering clean and sleek visuals.


SecureZip™ features versatility as well, being as readily at home inside, as it is out. 
An impressive array of color choices is offered by world-renowned Ferrari™ and Mermet™.


Fabric Color Options – Virtually endless fabric color choices from world-famous Ferrari™ and Mermet™
Product Coverage – Horizontal Widths: 3′ to 14′ Projections: 3′ to 12′
Roller Tube – 78 mm steel slot-tube

Mode of OperationSomfy™ Motor
Hardware Colors – White, Ivory, Sand, Bronze

SecureZip™ Plus


Incorporating the design advantages of SecureZip™, SecureZip™ Plus utilizes a larger box, roller tube and zippers, allowing width increases up to 19 feet. SecureZip™ Plus uses the same two-piece track system that provides for easy and aesthetic installations. The lack of a light-gap on the fabric edge makes this Zipper System ideal for blackout applications.


Fabric Color Options – Virtually endless fabric color choices from world-famous Ferrari™ and Mermet™
Product Coverage – Horizontal Widths: 5′ to 19′ Projections: 3′ to 12′
Roller Tube – 85 mm steel slot-tube
Mode of Operation – Somfy™ Motor
Hardware Colors – White, Ivory, Sand, Bronze

Fabric Options



Satiné: Twill Weave (5% openness)
Natté: Basket Weave (12% openness)


  • Excellent heat protection: blocks solar energy before it hits the glass.
  • Satiné twill weave for excellent glare control.
  • Natté basket weave for excellent outside visibility.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance for tensile structures.
  • Printable. Bonus use as a communication medium.
  • People & Eco-friendly fabrics.
  • Intelligent fabric for external & internal applications.


Satiné Colors: Bronze/Sable, Bronze, White/Straw, White, White/Sable, Charcoal, Charcoal/Grey, Charcoal/Bronze.
Natté Colors: Charcoal/Bronze, White/Mustard, Bronze/Mustard, Bronze Grey, Bronze, White/Stone, Bronze/Cocoa/Mandarin, Charcoal, Bronze/Pearl, Charcoal/Fern, White/Pearl Grey



Solstice 86: Open-weave (14% openness)
Solstice 92: Tighter-weave (3% openness)


  • Offers the best Solar Protection—up to 97%
  • Thanks to high-tenacity polyester yarn, resists tearing without extra reinforcement.
  • Will not sag.
  • Long lasting and dirt resistant.
  • Tested for harmful substances – OKO-Tex Standard 100.
  • 5 Year guarantee, certified ISO 9001, 100 percent recyclable product.


Solstice 86 Standard Colors: 
Taupe, Putty, Olive Brown,Light Grey, Charcoal, Black.
Solstice 92 Standard Colors:
 Light Grey, Taupe, Putty, Charcoal, Black, Olive Brown.

*Many other colors options available upon request

We are often asked, “Why shade from the exterior rather than the interior?”


Architects and designers in Canada have long preferred interior devices to shade rooms from the sun—drapes, mini-blinds, wide blinds, verticals, woven woods, Roman shades, and more. In Europe however, another trend has been taking place for the last forty years. With the realized energy savings offered by exterior shading, European architects and designers have discovered the superior advantages of exterior devices to shade the sun.


Exterior shading devices have often been overlooked simply because of unfamiliarity by the architects and designers with alternative solutions. Well, times are changing and people have begun to realize the savings and other benefits exterior shading has to offer.


abc Sun Control™ features some of the most advanced engineered awnings and sunscreens available in the marketplace. Superior craftsmanship—already a long-recognized trademark of abc Sun Control™—parallels the clever designs in their innovative product line.

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